Great Perennials for Containers
May 2nd by Anthony D'Atri

Many perennials that flourish in the ground will grow just as well and look just as good in a container. Remember the easiest overwintering, select perennials that are hardy to as least one zone colder than your own. For example in you garden in zone 5, select perennials for containers that are hardy to zone 4. or even 3. The following are a few great perennials for containers:

Plant Notable Characteristics Growing Notes Zone
Black-Eyed Susan (1) Yellow daisylike flowers in summer Full sun to part shade; well drained soil 4-9
Coral Bells (2) Evergreen to semievergreen green, purple, gold, bronze or variegated foliage Full sun to part shade; well drained soil 3-8
Hosta (3) Grown for attractive foliage available in many variegations Part to full shade; moist soil with lots of organic matter 3-8
Pinks (4) Fragrant pink, white, red carnationlike flowers in late spring to early summer. Full sun; well drained soil 3-10
Sedum (5) Succulent plant with year-round interest; many varieties available Full sun; well-drained soil 3-9
Penstemon (6) Pink and red bell-shape flowers in summer Full sun to part shade; moist, well-drained soil 2-8
Coreopsis (7) Yellow daisy-like flowers in early to midsummer Full sun; moist soil 4-9

The examples are in the same order as the list, left to right, top to bottom.

There are many options when it comes to planting in containers. The great thing about planting perennials in containers is that you can still move them around (depending on the size). By moving around your contained perennials you can test your own perennial combinations and discover for yourself what kind of texture and colours you enjoy mixing. Gardening is personal, it's an expression of what your mind finds appealing, so never be afraid to try new things, experiment! ciao.