How and When to Fertilize Your Lawn
September 18th by Anthony D'Atri

Fertilizing your lawn is important, I shouldn't have to tell you that, everyone knows. The question that will determine the health of your lawn is, are you fertilizing enough? are you fertilizing too much? are you fertilizing AT ALL? Well, I guess if you're here reading this, you're interested in fertilizing in the first place so that's definitely a good start. Fertilizing is food for your lawn, and without it, you lawn will get sick very easily and will welcome various weeds to take up residence on your premises. With the next few useful fertilizing tips I will provide, I hope you become that much closer to getting rid of those pesky weeds for good and are well on your way to a healthy lawn.

1. Properly Calculate Lawn Area and Follow Instructions

This simple tip here will save you a small fortune, if you take on the task of fertilizing your lawn yourself. Not following this simple command could end you up with yellow spots and stripes all over your lawn.

2. Have a Fertilizing Schedule

Again, sounds pretty simple to follow but that is usually not the case. Take for instance the fact that you're working all day and you don't eat until the end of the day, you body wouldn't fully use the food you put in properly because it doesn't know when it's getting more. Same goes with fetilizing your lawn, feeding it regularily provides it with some healthy food which it can put to use immediately. Most people that fertilize their own lawn and really take provide in healthy grass tend to fertilize 3-5 times a year. If you want to fertilize 3 times a year, make it spring, summer and fall. Another little useful tip is to NOT use expired fertilizer and make sure to buy a slow release fertilizer so your roots stay deep and healthy.

3. The Three Key Nutrients

Not sure if everyone knows the three main ingredients in fertilizer so I'm quickly going to break down them down so you better understand what you're buying when you go to the store.

4. Best Times to Fertilize