How to Water your Lawn
March 29th by Anthony D'Atri

For the most part, I know what you're thinking, "It's been raining all week, I don't need to even think of watering my lawn." or perhaps "I know how to water my lawn just as well as anyone, why should I read this article?" if any of these questions flashed into your mind, then read on. Believe it or not watering the lawn is so easy it's often taken for granted. Not suprisingly, that's often where problems with your lawn begin.

Watering your lawn may be easy but there is still a right way and a wrong way to complete the task. Here's a quick few principles I learned along the way in my quest for magically lush lawns: Keep the root zone moist, water deeply and infrequently, and don't waste water. Simple, I know, but given all the different types of soils, grasses, climates and weather patterns, it can get tricky. The key is to know the growing conditions in your area and water according to those requirements. Follow through with that which is required and you will have a better looking, more resilient lawn and will likely save water while you're at it.

watering diagram
As you can see, deep, infequent watering is the most effective method of watering.

Basic Rules of Watering

1. Moisten the root zone every time you water, usually with at least 1/2 inch of water
2. Water deeply and infrequently, once of twice a week supplying a total of 1 to 2 inches a week
3. If you see foot prints on your lawn, ignore watering schedule and the time of day and turn on sprinklers because footprints are one of the first signs of wilting.

Did You Know?

1. Clay soils takes up to 5 hours to absorb 1 inch of water; sandy soils need only 1 hour?
2. Mowed grass use comparatively less water than most trees?
3. The earth recycles water? it neither creates nor destroys it!
4. The Earth has approximately 300 million cubic miles of water? Although only 2.5% of that is fresh water suitable for drinking and growing plants!
5. Early morning is the best time to water?
6. When the grass takes on a gray cast it is in serious need of water and will soon go dormant?

I hope this article was informative for what it's worth. There are a few little tricks I'd like to share but will be saved as a second part to the article, so stay tuned and keep your lawn healthy and green.