Low Maintenance Landscapes
September 16th by Anthony D'Atri

How much time can you devote to your landscape? Would you rather pay someone to do it for you? It is possible to create a low maintenance landscape that will reduce the maintenance chores that can make it much less of a pleasure.

Creating a low maintenance garden doesn't mean settling for a second best landscape. You can have a great-looking garden, except you won't have to spend nearly as much time as your neighbors do to keep your yard looking great.

A big part of making your garden low maintenance comes from working with the plants and conditions you have, rather than struggling to make poorly suited plants grow. Plants are healthiest, and require the least care from you when they are well suited to the region as well as the site which you plant them. In cold, humid regions, it's easy to grow woodland wildflowers in shady spots. In hot, dry areas lavender cottons and other heat and drought-tolerant plants will thrive with little extra care.

A low maintenance landscape does'nt mean the same thing to every gardener. Maybe you hate mowing the lawn, but enjoy puttering in the flower garden. In that case , low maintenance would mean a small (or no) lawn, so you have some more time for deadheading spent blossoms and pruning perennials.

Or maybe you find lawn mowing relaxing but hate trying to keep up with ripe vegetables that must be harvested. In that case, low maintenance might mean a tomato patch surrounded by an acre of green grass. However, there are some principles that you can follow when designing your garden to reduce maintenance

  • Simple Design
  • Natural Walkways
  • Small or no lawn areas
  • Minimal water features
  • No plants that require frequent pruning
  • Effective pot and container planting
  • Use native plants that thrive under your conditions
  • Use mulches for moisture control and to prevent weeds
  • Install an underground or drip irrigation system