Proper Lawn Mowing Practices
March 23rd by Anthony D'Atri

Whether you cut your own lawn or have a lawn service, it is important to understand simple lawn mowing priciples. Proper lawn mowing practices is definitely up there in terms of what is needed to maintain a lush, healthy green lawn thoughout the seasons. Proper mowing leads to a better looking landscape design but unfortunately many people are left misinformed, leading to a real patchy, crab grassy, weedy lawn. So in this article I'll be covering proper mowing priciples and how to get the results you desire out of your lawn.

The One Third Rule 

First and foremost, let it be known that mowing height depends on the growth habit of the grass. Some grasses grow tall and straight, some short and wide, so determining the type of grass you have is necessary for a healthy lawn. The one third rules states that only one third of the grass blade should be taken off when your grass is in need of a cut.

Good lawn mowing practices to follow:

  1. Mow high, Mow often.
  2. Confirm ideal mowing height and make sure that's the height you're mowing at.
  3. Mow according to growth rate, not the calendar.
  4. Keep mower blades sharp
  5. Leave clippings on the lawn (if they're not too big to smother the lawn)