Quick Tips for a Better Looking Property
April 30th by Anthony D'Atri

There are a few things you can do to quickly increase the curb appeal of your property. Whether you're having family coming over or perhaps are having an open house, these are some sure-fire options to spruce up your place.


A sneaky way to make your lawn look better is to trim (with a nice edge) vital areas of your lawn. Such areas would include, where your lawn meets your drive-way, around rocks, walk-ways, structures and up to your front door.


Aside from the obvious benefits of mulch (which I outlined in a previous article HERE), mulching your shrub and flowerbeds creates a neat look that lasts throughout the season.

Twigs and Branches

Keeping your yard free of seasonal debris goes a long way toward making your lawn look like you spend more time on it than you actually do.

Hand Weeding

There is nothing worse than beautiful plantings being over-shadowed by weeds which serve no functional purpose on your property. Get on your hands and knees to get rid of them and let your plants shine, just don't forget, the earlier in their development you get rid of them, the better.

Lawn-Mower Tracks

The devil is in the detail, focus on making on making straight parallel lines, with consistent spacing when you're cutting the lawn and make it look like you spend the time to make your property look appealing.

Follow these quick tips and I will personally guarantee your house will look at LEAST 50% better than it did before. It never pays to cut corners, do all that you can today for the things that matter most.


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